About Our Club

President:  Robert Belcher
Treasurer:  Laurie Shipley
Past President:  Laurie Shipley

The Rotary Club of Chattanooga Breakfast was chartered in 2002.  Originally named the Rotary Club of North River, our club is annually recognized as a Star Club, Globe Club, and Polio Eradicator Club, as well as an annual recipient of the Governor's Citation.  The Rotary Club of Chattanooga Breakfast has had the distinction of leading the way in Foundation Giving on a per person basis for seven years running.  The Foundation provides the funding for Rotary Projects around the world.
Our club is active in many projects in the Chattanooga area as well as around the world.  Some of the projects our club has undertaken over the past few years:
Sanitation Project in Dominica
An opportunity to provide proper human waste disposal for villages in Dominica.

Sanitation Project in Haiti
Installation of 125 outdoor toilets to provide proper human waste disposal for mountain villages in Haiti.  Human dignity and management of disease.
Water Project in Haiti
Our club has sponsored and assisted in repairing over 120 water wells to provide clean drinking water for villages in Haiti.
School Project in Uganda
Providing youth in Uganda shoes as well as transportation, giving them the opportunity to attend school.
Playground Project for Rivermont Elementary School
Our club secured funding for and helped install a new state-of-the-art playground for the children of Rivermont Elementary.  In 2012 members, along with Red Bank High School Interact Club, completely mulched the playground.
Computers for Kids Project
An annual project in conjunction with our Gourmet Guys fundraising event that helps provide funding for new techologies in schools.
Four Way Test Project
An opportunity to share the ideals of Rotary with the students of local elementary schools. Rivermont, Dupont, and Ganns Middle Valley Elementary Schools are introduced to the Four Way Test concepts while being given a personal dictionary or thesaurus.  2nd Graders are read the Apple Dumpling Adventure which features the concepts of the Four Way Test.  Almost 1000 students per year are introduced to Rotary, provided literary support, and challenged to use the Four Way Test principles in all they think, say, and do.
Library Project for Dupont Elementary School
An ongoing project donating books, which are signed and personalized by our weekly speakers, to the library of Dupont Elementary.